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The staff at Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness has an extensive amount of education. We specialize in auto injury treatment, work injury treatment, sports injury treatment, and relaxation massage. We provide you with the best quality hydraulic tables available for your comfort, and use only vegan – organic lotion for our massage sessions and essential oils during our aromatherapy sessions.


We are all experienced, certified licensed massage therapists (LMT). Our trained staff will help relieve your pain from conditions such as whiplash, back injuries, fibromyalgia, shoulder injuries, migraines, headaches, back pain. From our higher level of education to our documented therapy process, we are here to assist in your comfort and pain relief.

We have several techniques that we can use to get the best results such as deep tissue, myofascial trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, manual lymphatic treatment and many others. We document our medical massage treatments to help us continue to improve the results and give you a better outcome from your auto accident, work injury or other personal injury.


Gail Ann Allen LMT / Owner

Washington License: MA00021290
Gail is a graduate of Spectrum School of Massage. She is a treatment oriented Nationally Certified Massage Practitioner and is the owner of Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness, PLLC. Gail is certified in intraoral massage treatment for the dysfunction of the Jaw (TMJ) and has spent the majority of her work history in the medical and dental field. Gail is an intuitive, compassionate body worker and is deeply committed to maximizing the healing of her clients. Gail is effective in relieving pain throughout the entire body. She believes all body systems are connected and must be addressed in her sessions. Her work is deep, integrative and responsive to the needs of her clients. Gail is interested in art, loves the outdoors and when not working, she spends most of her time with her friends and family including her much loved pug Gordie.


Jenna S.        Insurance specialist                      



Kaylee W.     Receptionist 



Nydia C.       Receptionist         




Kris  L.       Receptionist         




Gerry D.       Receptionist 



Pam R.          Receptionist 




Amanda H. LMT

Washington License: MA60194203
Amanda is a skilled, sensitive body worker and a graduate of Everest School of Massage. She has a background providing massage treatment work in physical therapy clinics and is certified in pre – natal massage therapy. She is the preferred “go to” therapist for those expectant mothers who are in need of relaxation and pain relief. Amanda provides soothing / relaxing treatment work that is effective for those who have a need to work through their pain and dysfunction. Amanda’s touch is light to medium in pressure which is very effective in promoting relaxation and easing stress. When not at the office, you can find Amanda riding her horse on the weekends or spending time outdoors with her family and friends and dogs.


Amy G. LMT

Washington License: MA 60217005
Amy is a graduate of Spectrum School of Massage. She has been involved in massage therapy since she was a young child as her mother was a teacher at Spectrum School of Massage and is now the owner. Amy brings to us her talent as an intuitive skilled body worker as well as her positive attitude which is infectious. Amy specializes in deep tissue work as well as relaxation / spa treatments. Amy loves spending time with her family and friends. Amy is a lover of all animals and having 3 dogs and a cat and 4 chickens keeps her busy at home.


Allyson L. LMT

Washington License: MA 60981165
Allyson is a graduate of Spectrum School of Massage. Allyson brings to us her talent as an intuitive skilled body worker, who specializes in deep tissue work as well as relaxation / spa treatments. Allyson is a skilled artist as well.


Anastasiya R. LMT

Washington License: MA60247250
Anastasiya brings a strong therapeutic skill set to Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness. She is an excellent deep tissue body worker that specializes in a deep, relaxing massage technique that is focused and effective for pain reduction. Anastasiya is a graduate of Everest College. She is professional, yet lighthearted and possesses a wonderful sense of humor that is unmatched. When not working, you will find Anastasiya hiking wilderness trails and exploring the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the amazing scenery and beauty of this grand area we call home.


Megan B. LMT

Washington License: MA60183881
Megan is a graduate from Everest College in Seattle with over 10 years of massage experience. She is an intuitive skilled body worker with a broad range of specialties from relaxation to deep tissue work. She is also certified in Cupping therapy, and hot stone treatments and exudes a joyful spirit! Megan loves to spend time with her husband and son – hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors. She also is a Marvel, DC and Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fan!


Sheryl M. LMT

Washington License: MA00000346
Sheryl is a highly skilled practitioner who attended Seattle school of Massage, graduating in 1976, and has since been practicing in the local community ever since. You will find Sheryl to be compassionate, professional and very knowledgeable, specializing in neck, and back pain and muscular dysfunction. She has helped hundreds of people, relieving their muscular pain and tension. When not working, you will find Sheryl enjoying her time with family, friends, and her four precious American bulldogs.


Kylie J. LMT

Washington License: MA60838305
Kylie is a graduate of Denton Massage School located in Arlington. She brings to Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness an intuitive and healing touch. She has an empathetic nature, with focused knowledge of the human body which helps her provide a massage tailored to each of her patient’s needs. Her specialty is deep tissue combined with relaxation as well as energy work. During your session, you may find yourself dozing off while your pain and tension are being relieved. Her techniques are effective for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and taking her dog Maya for walks. She is especially interested in art and music. Kylie brings to Arlington Massage Therapy and Wellness an intuitive and healing touch. Her empathetic nature, and knowledge of the body, helps her to provide a massage tailored just for you. Her specialty is Deep Tissue, combined with relaxation and energy work, you may doze off while your pain and tension is relieved. This is also very effective for Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety. Kylie is a graduate of Denton Massage School. She is compassionate, professional, and kind. When not at work, she enjoys playing guitar, writing, and relaxing at home.


Kailey C. LMT

Washington License: MA61167848
Kailey graduated from Arlington School of Massage in Arlington Wa. She is passionate about making sure that her sessions provide a warm, relaxing atmosphere which is healing for the body and spirit. The techniques she uses in her sessions are designed to promote healing and relaxation. Her touch can be considered light to moderate, which is effective in relieving stress and effective for those in pain, or if you just need to de-stress. She considers herself a compassionate person who is determined to help those who are in pain, as well as those who just need to relax. Outside of work she likes to participate as well as spectate in sports, she also likes to spend quality time with her cat at home, which may include a good movie.


Kathryn H. LMT

Washington License: MA60331544
Kathryn is a graduate of Everest College, and has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 8 years. She is a versatile Massage Therapist with ability to perform anywhere from light relaxation massage to a deep tissue treatment massage. She is passionate about the healing process of the human body, and strives to provide a thorough consistent healing massage every time for her patients. In her off time, she enjoys spending time on her small hobby farm, as well as spending time with her two rescue pitties, She always says, “I do love animals.”


Kiley R. LMT

Washington License: MA00018074
Kiley is a graduate of Brenneke Massage School. She is nationally certified and has been practicing massage for over 18 years. She specializes in deep tissue Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release techniques and Swedish Massage. She believes in helping her patients get back to a state of health by listening intuitively to the patient and addressing their pain to achieve optimal whole health. She loves spending time with family and friends in her free time. She enjoys the outdoors and likes hiking, camping, and teaching yoga.


Billie Jo S. LMT

Washington License: MA61228360

Billie Joe is a graduate of Arlington School Of Massage. 

Ryan H. LMT

Washington License: MA61361164

Ryan is a graduate of Arlington School of Massage.  


Heather B. LMT


Washington License: MA61425726

Heather is a graduate of Arlington School of Massage.  


 Jacob Zender, LMT


Washington License: MA61290363

Jacob is a graduate of Arlington School of Massage.  


 Bryson Kelley, LMT


Washington License: MA61478839

Bryson is a graduate of Arlington School of Massage.  


We specialize in injury treatment


Custom tailored therapy approach


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We specialize in injury treatment

Custom tailored therapy approach

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